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What types of commission does gigaaa offer?

Referral - 5% 

System Integrator - 40%

System Integrators own customer - 45%

How is the service pricing determined?

Subscription fees are fixed prices according to the number of services. (see pricelist).

If requested service is currently not offered by gigaaa, the price is determined based on individual project calculation.

Are subscription prices fixed?

Yes, up til 10.000 API calls. After that 0,03 €/API call.


What kind of reseller partnerships are offered?
  • Referral 
  • System Integrator 
Who signs the contract with customers brought by referral partners?
Contracts are always signed by System Integrator partners.
  1. If the referral partner brings the customer, gigaaa delegates the customer to a selected system integrator for signing the contract. 

  2. If the System Integrator partner brings the customer, the system integrator partner signs the contract.
Does gigaaa have more than one partnership in the same city?


What if two different partnerships want to work with the same customer?

The partnership who sends in the lead to gigaaa first, gets the rights to serve that customer. Leads that are not served within 2 months can not be reserved longer than 60 days. 

Partnership Support

Will gigaaa provide support while system integrators develop Services?

Yes, gigaaa offers 24/7 partnership support and offers training webinars.

How will gigaaa provide support and training to system integrators?

Support is provided by gigaaa Messenger Chat and training by Tutorial Videos and every 14 days in webinar sessions.

Are the project support teams local or inernational?

gigaaa partnership support is always local. gigaaa developer team is international.

In which languages support will be provided?

In 2020 only Turkish and English. From 2021 in German, Arabic, Russian and many other languages too.

Who provides customer support to the customer when system integrator runs the project?

The system integrator is responsible for the customer support.

Who will provide 24/7 customer support?

gigaaa provides 24/7 partnership support. The system integrator provides 24/7 customer support.