gigaaa Hotline

24/7 AI customer support

Key Features

Provide round-the-clock customer service

Be available for your customers 24/7 and enhance the relationship with your clients by being at their nonstop disposal.

Data Privacy

User data is securely encrypted into users’ accounts, meaning that gigaaa has no access to it.

Personalized Assistance

Take orders, arrange appointments, welcome guests in a venue and facilitate a huge number of other routine tasks with just one hotline.

Multilingual Accessibility

Our hotline solution is currently available in 6 languages, with more than 20 coming in the nearest future.

gigaaa Hotline

Automate Customer Support Calls with gigaaa Assistant and hand over the conversation to a human customer support representative when needed.

Eliminate Low-value Processes

Provide Human-like, Personal Experiences

Increase Productivity

Reduce Customer Support Costs

Improve Your Support Team Happiness

Your Benefits

Improved Customer Experience

Your customers will appreciate the upgraded service and share some positive word of mouth about you.

Reduced Operational Costs:

By using gigaaa Hotline, your business will save money on operational costs by cutting back on human customer support representatives.

Higher Market Positioning

Hotline solution offers your customers a personalized service that will stand out and outperform the old backed up phone support.

No Human Error

Effectively eliminate human error from their customer support channels by implementing task automation.

Hotline Package

NOTE: *Plug-in subscription plan required.

€ 50

Monthly Fee

+ €0,01 per minute

for call processing

+ €0,01 per API call